Industry Trends

Lately the US mint has cranked up the production of artistic designs outside of traditional pieces. With this in mind, one should look for unique opportunities in both old and modern production. The appeal of the very finest coins has become the new frequency of the precious metals market. FPM not only searches for the best deals but tries to position consumers with a quality coin (product) that can be passed down for generations.

When to Trade

Trading highly sought after coins is best executed when the coins’ demands are at an all-time high. Most collectors wait a period of 10 plus years before they check trading opportunities. If possible any investor/collector will try to obtain other years and or mint mark associated with their series of collecting… For the best results, most record levels are seen during the next generation. For example, the well-known 1907 Ultra High Relief cows have been purchased a little over the spot price of gold. That coin in some of the lower grades is around $7,000 – $9,000.

Typically, the higher the demand, the higher the return. Over the past 5-10 years master collections have gained more attention than master pieces. Just imagine if you owned every Gold, Silver, and Platinum American Eagle in a PF70 and MS70. One might think it’s unrealistic, however if you started in acquiring these in the early 90’s it would have been a lot easier.

Time is money, so the more time one saves virtually the higher the demand and or premium. The longer you hold your portfolio the likelihood of underbidding taking place should decrease.

Why precious metals? Why now?

Investing in precious metals can be an exciting and thought-provoking experience. When venturing into precious metal investing, you want to observe the world’s economic climate. As a nation, we are noticing record highs in the stock market. Global trade wars have begun across the world, which can lead to war. These are all indicators of why it is important, now more than ever, to invest in platinum, gold, and silver. Your family’s security may depend on it.

Historically in precious metals, your risk of loss is minimized by the extent to which you hold on to your collection. When the market improves, so does the value of your metals, and as a result, growth within your portfolio. This is typically what the modest investor aspires to do with their holdings. However, the savvy investor seeks to diversify within bullion and investment grade coins. This can offset any losses incurred from a down market. Although the metals fluctuate in price, they still provide a value that has never been worth nothing. If our dollar fails, no matter your net worth, you have nothing. It is paramount to move some of your savings into precious metals. Again, your future security could depend on it.

Understanding that precious metals are an indispensable and fundamentally sound addition to any financial plan, as an investor you must take control of your monetary planning. Call now!!! Call 833-376-3825. We are here to help.

Why Diversify in Precious Metals

Let’s say you have a portfolio of only gold. For example, next year it is publicly announced that China sells off all of its gold, and this effects the market at large, gold will drop tremendously. Your portfolio will experience an obvious devaluation.

If, however, you counterbalanced the gold bullion with ultra-rare numismatic coins, only a portion of your portfolio would be affected. In fact, there is a chance that the certified and graded coins can offset the losses depending on the length of time you hold on to the portfolio.

Diversifying your portfolio within various metals, such as platinum, gold and silver is important. However, it is equally important to have numismatic coins in your portfolio. Listed below are examples of what a diversified portfolio would look like from 2007 to 2018.

Building sets

Set building is essential to the overall growth of your portfolio. Although bullion is a necessity, building sets should become just as important, when investing in precious metals. Many experts throughout the industry have found sets to perform insurmountably better than their individual counter parts. A complete set could yield results upward of 20% down the road. Having the coins together is how you can attain the most value for everything that you own.

Completing sets is not as expensive and tedious as one might think. Having the right organization working on your behalf to help in achieving these goals is all that is needed. That is where we come in. We are here to assist you in growing and balancing your portfolio. The right types of sets will give you a peace of mind and the leverage you are looking for. Often times sets have a bit of a safety net that helps in maintaining its value when we see market corrections. Ideally recession proof, it is no wonder many savvy investors build sets and then going on to build date runs.

A date run is essentially building sets in consecutive years. By owning date runs you are developing a perfectly designed portfolio (pedigree) that is appealing to buyers throughout the United States. These consecutive dates compound value when they are adjoined in chronological order.

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Ideal sets that should be a part of your portfolio:

  • Burnished sets
    • Gold, Platinum and Silver
  • Pre – 1933 gold sets
    • Type sets
  • Date run
    • 1986-2018 Silver sets
    • 1997-2018 Platinum sets
    • 1986-2018 Gold sets

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